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Family-Owned Business

My name is Valerie, I am the main cattleman for our small family-owned operation.  My husband Troy and our 3 dogs are regularly roped in to helping too. Our goal is to create a delicious, reliable, affordable local food-source for the families in Northern Colorado. 



Although our goal is to grow meat, our biggest concern is how to do this in a sustainable way.  We strive to be stewards of the land; feeding our cows on pasture and grazing in a way that is safe for the herd but also, allows the land to thrive to its fullest potential.  We demand the highest quality cattle care. We choose to be a nonorganic herd, as we believe that every cow under our care deserves the same health and wellness opportunities as we give our own family.  Our cows do get vaccinated and treated when they are sick, but we never use hormone implants or any unnecessary growth additives. We love our cows, and we understand that their comfort and quality of life is entirely in our hands and we do not take this job lightly. 


I received a bachelor's degree from Colorado State University in the College of Animal Sciences.  My core focus was on beef and dairy cattle management. I have worked in numerous feedlots and dairy farms, but nothing compares to working on a cow calf ranch.  it is difficult work, waking up in the middle of the night during a freezing blizzard to help a momma cow safely have her new baby, but it is the most fulfilling and humbling work I have ever done, and I love every moment of it.  Those are the moments that make ranching worth it and that is how I found my passion for this lifestyle. 


Supporting us allows us to continue doing what we love most, raising and caring for these wonderful animals. But, it is more than that; by purchasing from a local rancher, you support our local economy, you are provided with a safer product that has not been shipped in from other countries that maintain lower safety regulations, there is a drastically lower carbon footprint, and you can buy higher quantity at a lower cost than most grocers!  If you are interested in learning more about the industry see our blog, if you are more interested in seeing our adorable cows, follow us on Instagram! @nococattlecompany 

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